Is refractory cough a neuropathy?


Cutting-edge science and differentiation

Following intensive mining, CEME outcomes generate new teachings that support case studies which suggest that chronic cough is a neuropathy that is amenable to treatment by intrapulmonary amitriptyline.

Clinical implications of new teachings

McCormack’s methods reveal previously-unknown relationships that indicate that the capacity of amitriptyline to inhibit the enzyme acid sphingomyelinase in some part explains the efficacy of amitriptyline in managing chronic cough, and that additionally a synergy with L-arginine can be expected. Accordingly, patents were filed for the combination of amitriptyline plus L-arginine for intrapulmonary therapy of airways disorders that include chronic cough, emphysema and cystic fibrosis (PCT/GB2010/050769; WO/2010/035047).

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Key outcomes

  • Creation of new IP in a new indication

Prior to filing of the patent application these new teachings were not made known within the public domain.