Is a thirty-year old drug the new way in managing post MI?

GSK (under licence with BMS for Capoten brand)

Cutting-edge science and differentiation

New findings within the literature describe the role of ACE in the progression and maintenance of the atherosclerotic plaque. McCormack’s powerful methods show for the first time that whereas all ACE inhibitors inhibit circulating ACE, within the group examined, it is only captopril that has the potential to target plaque ACE.

Clinical implications of new teachings

These new teachings suggest that captopril is essential therapy in the post MI patient and that it is the ACE inhibitor of choice in this patient group.

This is an excellent example of how CEME realigns a thirty-year drug with the most up-to-date understanding, and as a result achieves powerful value-differentiation with correlates that could be easily identified within point-of-care-derived data.

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Key outcomes

  • Expansion of use within an approved indication
  • Prospect of new IP as a novel admixture
  • Prospect of new IP (MOU) for new route of administration and revised posology.