A new era in surgery… scar-free wound healing

Wound Healing

Cutting-edge science and differentiation

Captopril is a well-established cardiovascular drug. Interestingly, preclinical investigations and case studies (unlicensed use of captopril as a topical formulation).show that captopril exerts significant beneficial effects upon wound healing and tissue regeneration, notably attenuation of scar formation.

Clinical implications of new teachings

In 2008 McCormack’s methods provided the basis for a synthesis of polymerized captopril, and in 2009 Keith McCormack supervised the first known synthesis of polycaptopril ((PCT/GB2010/050769, WO 2010/131032 A2).

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Key outcomes

  • Creation of new IP in a new indication

Prior to filing of the patent application these new teachings were not made known within the public domain.