McCormack Pharma announced today that it has recruited the Baltimore-based press release services organization, eReleases to handle distribution of the Company’s press releases.

Commenting on this decision, CEO and Head of Research Keith McCormack said:

“I am delighted to announce that we have chosen eReleases to handle distribution and dissemination of the Company’s press releases.”

Founded in 1983, in the early days it was McCormack’s corporate policy not to generally discuss or disclose its methods, and press releases were not part of its promotional strategy. But today in 2014, and for the first time, through their new website Keith McCormack now provides insights into McCormack’s methods that notably include its proprietary technology, CEME. Presenting case histories and client testimonials from across the pharma sector, he shows why it is essential to search available data for previously-unknown relationships, and how this represents a cost-effective and innovative means by which to increase market share for any brand.

CEME is powered by relational databases that search for previously-unknown relationships between existing pieces of data. By definition, these relationships are synonymous with new teachings that invariably show how patient management can be enhanced.

Throughout the last three decades McCormack Pharma’s contribution to industry, medicine and science has been acknowledged as considerable. Indeed, the list of peer-reviewed publications by its founder, Keith McCormack and his colleagues together with an extensive catalogue of client testimonials unequivocally confirm that mining existing data for new teachings is a technique that be used to differentiate a brand at any stage in the life cycle.

Commenting further on corporate strategy in 2014 and the decision to use eReleases, Dr McCormack adds:

“Our new website is an outstanding production and represents the perfect vehicle for promoting McCormack’s services. But, in isolation it’s not enough. For the website to be effective we need to reach out to all sectors within the healthcare, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The time is right for us to be more transparent about our technology and methods. Decades ago, as a young Company we considered it prudent to be cautious in our discussions about the methods that fuelled our unique offering. Today, CEME has evolved into a remarkable and invaluable commodity and marketers need to know more about what CEME can deliver and how we can help them. And that’s why we chose eReleases; they have the reach and the knowhow, and most importantly, they take time out to listen and help clients in maximizing delivery and exposure of their message. We need this kind of support together with the confidence that our message is going to the journalists who want to read it, who in turn can reach our target audiences.”

About eReleases

eReleases, the Baltimore-based press release distribution company, is founded upon the core philosophy that all clients are unique. Adhering to traditional values the primary focus of eReleases is to ensure that a press release gets into the hands of the right journalists. Listening to the client’s needs, and not just providing a “one size fits all” was the basis for the Company’s inception sixteen years ago by CEO and President Mickie Kennedy.

Using an extensive proprietary database of journalists and editors, eReleases’ methods are robustly augmented by a custom national distribution through PR Newswire, the oldest and largest newswire of press releases. Through this exclusive partnership with PR Newswire, eReleases is uniquely positioned to provide affordable, top-tier distribution to individuals, companies and organizations. Importantly, eReleases’ style can accommodate even the tightest budgets resulting in PR goals being achieved with maximum exposure.

eReleases is distinguished by its knowledge and understanding of what it takes to get news directly to journalists, and its proprietary technology includes a constantly-updated database of over 100,000 opt-in journalists who have subscribed to receive their press releases. Reviewing a client’s specific needs, media outlets are chosen through industry targeting. This means that each press release has the highest probability of reaching those journalists for whom the content has high interest value.

New clients will always receive a warm welcome at their first contact with eReleases. An experienced Editorial and Support team will listen carefully to the client’s needs and stay with them through the ordering process helping them in making the right choices in selecting targets. For the returning client, advice is always on hand for providing integrated solutions for long-term campaigns, review of Visibility Reports and performance, or simply on the best way to optimize a headline to gain maximum attention.

Contact details

Allison McAlister
Managing Editor
eReleases Press Releases

Toll-free: 800.710.5535
Editorial: 410.931.2966